Video Finishing

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s…

Now the video project is at the last stage of production. It looks good but it can be great. There could be some graphic errors, colors may require correction, they could be gaps and bad transitions, video graphics may need to be fine-tuned and broadcast legalization done amongst several other task. Emmefilms works with video finishing maestros responsible for putting the final finishing touch at each step from improving a render to the final development before the project can be considered complete. Our studio is well-equipped with advanced video finishing software to remove ‘digital noise’ in the pictures and audio. Our video finishing services include Motion Retouching, Color Correction, Video Seeding, Audio Mastering, Surround Sound Mixing, Mobile Video, Video Encoding, Blu-Ray Encoding.

Do you want a perfect finishing touch for your film? Contact Emmefilms today for video finishing or other production services.