Music scoring

We let the music tell the story

Emmefilms has a well-equipped and vast music library along with talented composers to make a background music or film soundtrack for any film. In a perfect mix of dialogue, pre-existing music, sound effects, orchestra and instruments, our composers and film producers work together with some musicians and a sound engineer to produce a background score timed for various points/scenes in the film in order to improve the feel of each scenery and highlight the narrative. Whatever the nature of the film, we have a variety of styles of music ranging from rock, pop, classics, new-age, jazz and world music to accompany the film. At Emmefilms we also employ the use of sophisticated music composition software to create scores of thousands of digital sounds and musical instruments. Other services we offer includes songwriting, music editing, music mixing etc.

What sound are you looking for? What musical feel do want for your film? Emotional? Thrilling? Ominous? Hilarious? Evocative? Emmefilms can produce just the right score!